As seen on VH-1's "Getting Brittney Abs"
and featured in SELF magazine's May 2006 issue

Heather has been seen nationally as the expert in getting the look of
your favorite celebrities.

Heather holds a Masters degree in psychology with an emphasis on
eating disorders and mind body fitness.
ACE certified personal trainer
ACSM certified health & fitness instructor
NASM-CPT certified personal trainer
As a fitness professional, Heather Rider is an expert at showing
people how to have fun and get moving! She has worked as a fitness
instructor at some of the country's hottest fitness clubs including
CRUNCH, New York Health & Fitness Clubs, and Voight By The Sea.

Heather focuses on bringing fitness experiences to consumers at
home. She has appeared in numerous TV and video series on VH-1,
Crunch on ESPN2, Body By Jake and the nationally syndicated
infomercial for AbRoller.
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Heather Rider
Professional Fitness Educator                     
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MarieClaire - May 2006
Four weeks to a bikini body!
SELF - May 2006
"Your Trainer's Dirty Little
Secrets". Read about
Heather's success over an
eating disorder and how
she's now a role model for
healthy living and smart

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Just a couple of magazines that Heather has contributed to.  
Heather was
featured in the
September 2004
issue of
How do celebs get
their "Rock Bodies"?
Read training tips
from Heather in the
June 2004 issue of
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Heather Rider gets people moving!
Masters Degree- psychology-emphasis
eating disorders and body image