Heather has earned a
masters degree in
psychology with a
double emphasis on
eating disorders and
mind body fitness.
A message from Heather...

My goal is to help people make a positive mind body connection,
so that they can eat, exercise and live in peace. I have worked
through my own battles with eating disorders and exercise
addiction, and feel others can learn from where I’ve been.

I had an eating disorder starting at 11 years old. By the time I was
in high school I was eating one meal a day. I also got my first job
at a gym at age 16 and have been training and teaching ever
since. In college I began throwing up and started doing it up to 3-8
times a day. My voice began to go, I began to have many side
effects but all I wanted was to be thinner. Exercise always helped
though. It's where I found my peace. I went through a lot of
therapy and books and such and by 25 years old, I was better.

When I moved to LA a couple years later, I had a relapse. It took
another three years of work to stop again. Through all of this, my
healthy times and my not so healthy times, I have tried to be very
vocal about my struggles so that others can benefit from it. Three
years ago I decided to pursue my masters in psychology with an
emphasis on eating disorders and body image. I worked as a
fitness specialist at the Rader institute for eating disorders in
Culver City and have presented numerous workshops and
lectures in this area. For some presentations, I have paired with
my mom who also struggled with an eating disorder. We even
hosted a cable talk show together in New Mexico where she lives.

I now dedicate my life to helping
all people, not only those with
eating disorders, to get fit and understand the mind-body
connections as they understand how they feel about their bodies.
The reasons diets and appetite suppressants do not work is
because most of us do not overeat because we are hungry – we
eat for a ton of other reasons. The way we feel about ourselves
and our lives affects everything we do, including exercise and
Eating Disorders & Exercise
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