LifeScript - (Online Healthy Living Magazine) April 2007
Hey, Mr. D.J.! Rock Your Workout
When you’re working out, what’s music to your ears? Beyoncé, Ludacris, Red Hot Chili
Peppers, the Rolling Stones? Having the right tunes can get your heart thumping and your
body pumping. The wrong soundtrack can ruin your routine even if you’ve got great equipment,
comfortable workout clothes and an inspiring instructor. In this LifeScript exclusive, several of
today’s hottest fitness instructors reveal the tunes that will rev up your workout.
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LifeScript - (Online Healthy Living Magazine) April 2007
The right music can pump you – and your calorie-burning energy – way up.  We asked several
of today’s hottest trainers for their top workout songs. Whether you’re into pop, rock, hip-hop,
or soul, these are the heart-thumping tunes guaranteed to motivate you
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Celebrity Society
In this exclusive magazine, Heather trained their writer for five weeks and raved about how
much better she felt and looked - all while having fun with Heather's innovative workouts.
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Shape - June 2005 issue
Heather is featured in the Q & A column and comments on walking uphill on a treadmill - will it
bulk up your legs? Heather addresses how women have a common misconception about
bulking. She also discusses how walking uphill recruits more muscles and therefore gives
you a tougher workout.

Fitness magazine - March 2006 issue
Heather is an expert contributor in the article "45 Easy ways to lose a pound a week".

Fitness magazine - May 2005 issue
"Ways to Double your Calorie Burn"
Heather gives advice about pulling abs in to help balance on a stairclimber, while adding
weights to the exercise.

Health magazine - December 2004 issue
Heather gives tips about how to freshen up your workout routines
on the your favorite machines like the treadmill, the Stairmaster,
and elliptical trainers. Get her ideas on how to pump up the
challenge and make it less routine and more interesting with better results!
SELF - May 2006
"Your Trainer's Dirty Little Secrets". Read
about Heather's success over an eating
disorder and how she's now a role model for
healthy living and smart training.

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Heather was
featured in
2004 issue of
How do celebs get
their "Rock Bodies"?
Read training tips
from Heather in the
June 2004 issue of
MarieClaire - May 2006
Heather's healthy guide to getting a
biking body in four weeks.
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