Heather Rider is available to give these lectures at fitness
conventions, in-house club training events and for
fitness consumers.

The following lectures can be given as 60-90 minute discussions as
well as full Q&A lectures.

The Power of Positive Training
(Presented at the 2009 IDEA Personal trainer conference)
Training clients involves knowledge of the body as well as the mind. In this
lecture , trainers will take home tools that will enhance the relationship between
trainer and clients as well as redirect client's towards a more positive attitude
about their bodies and themselves.

Eating Disorders in the Fitness Industry
While most fitness leaders are a true example of health and wellness, most of
us know at least one instructor or personal trainer whose eating habits are less
than ideal, and in some cases downright dangerous. Eating disorders are often
accompanied by poor body image, obsessive exercise patterns and low self-
esteem. Heather is currently pursing a Masters in psychology with a focus on
eating disorders, and in this informative lecture you’ll learn about the signs of an
eating disorder in a fitness professional, how to approach a colleague you may
suspect has an eating disorder, and how professionals can intervene and try to
change unhealthy habits for the better.

Between Generations: The Legacy of Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders are a disease – the same as cancer, diabetes or mental
illness. And in many cases, eating disorders are passed on from generation to
generation. Commonly believed to only affect women, Heather will expose the
male side of anorexia, bulimia and other related disorders. This lecture will
review the research behind eating disorders, and give action steps for breaking
the cycle.

It’s My Body And I Want It Back (taking control of your body image)
Poor body image and poor self-esteem can be a vicious circle. You feel bad
about the way you look, so you indulge in food or negative behaviour to
temporarily soothe yourself. The short-lived high soon gives way to punishing
thoughts for being weak. And so the cycle begins again. Heather will examine
some common roots of poor self-esteem, why it manifests itself in poor body
image, and how to break the circle. Fitness professionals can use this
information personally, or to assist members and colleagues in overcoming
their own private battles.

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