Heather's bio

Heather has combined her life experience with research in body image
and eating disorders. She holds a Masters degree in psychology with an
emphasis on eating disorders and mind-body fitness. Heather was a
Reebok University Master Trainer, and certified by ACE, AFAA, NASM-
CPT, ACSM. Heather has appeared in numerous TV and video series
including VH-1’s “Getting Brittany Abs”, Crunch on ESPN2, Body By Jake
and the syndicated infomercial for AbRoller. She is a popular fitness
instructor who has taught at some of the hottest clubs in New York and
Los Angeles, including Crunch, New York Health & Racquet Club, Voight
By The Sea, Gold’s and corporate fitness centres located at the United
Nations, The American Stock Exchange, Sony and NBC. Heather has
presented at the annual Cory Everson’s Fit Camp for three years.

"My passion is creating programs that include total
physical and mental well being, as well as educating other
fitness professionals about the like".

Bachelor of Arts, Theatre and Dance                Glassboro, New Jersey
Rowan University

Masters Degree  In Psychology                          Marina Del Rey, California
Antioch University
Focus on eating disorders

Certifications & Designations

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
·Certified Health & Fitness Instructor

American Council on Exercise (ACE)
· Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

Krav Maga Alliance certified instructor

Reebok University
· Reebok Master Trainer for Core Board™, Reebok Rep™, Cycle Reebok™

Eating Disorder Specialist

December 1999 – Present                                  
Privilege Magazine
Contributing Writer  
Los Angeles, CA
September 1998 – February 1999      
Rader Institute
Fitness Specialist       
Los Angeles, CA
·        Fitness advisor and trainer for those recovering from eating disorders.
·        Regular lecturer on fitness and eating disorder recovery.
Speaker and Guest Trainer
Monte Nido Center
Malibu, CA.

Speaker and Guest Trainer
New Journey
Santa Monica, CA

Television and Video Appearances
November 2001 “Generations” Lead Instructor, Instructional Video
April 2000 “Get Off the Couch” Lead Instructor, Instructional Video
2001 “Getting Brittney Abs” Lead Instructor, VH-1 fitness segment
July 1999  “Crunch Boot Camp” Featured Instructor, Instructional Video
June 1998   “Michelle Lemay Stretch Series” Featured Instructor
June 1998  “Ab Roller” Featured Instructor, Syndicated Infomercial
May 1997 “Body by Jake” Featured Instructor on ESPN2
July 1996 “Crunch Fitness” Featured Instructor on ESPN2

Entrepreneurial Experience
1995-Present   “Corporate-On-Call”        
Los Angeles, CA    -   New York, NY
·        Founder of on-site consultant service implementing group fitness programs
and individualized training for mid-to-large size businesses.

Heather has been a fitness instructor at some of the country's
top fitness clubs:

Equinox                                            Santa Monica, CA
Sports Club LA                               Beverly Hills, CA
Gold’s Venice                                            Venice, CA
Voight By The Sea                         Santa Moncia, CA
The Club at MGM Plaza                Santa Monica, CA
Crunch                                             Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
United Nations UNICEF               New York, NY
American Stock Exchange           New York, NY
NBC Studios                                   New York, NY
Sony Studios                                   New York, NY
New York Health & Racquet        New York, NY

Industry Events and Specialty Workshops
Reebok Resolution                                                                              2002
Various masterclass presentations        

Cory Everson Fit Camp, Los Angeles, CA                                       1999 – 2001         
Various masterclass presentations                                                 (annual event)

Crunch Fitness, New York City                                                           May 2001
“California Boot Camp” masterclass        

American Psychological Association Conference, Orange County, CA        
Having Your Cake (focus on eating disorders) July 1999

Workout For Hope – Crunch Team, New York City                        1996

Workout for Hope – Crunch Team, Hoboken, NJ                           1996

College of Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico                                   1993
“Having Your Cake”        
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